the Complete Truth Zone by Simon Hanselmann

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This is a numbered limited edition “bootleg” of Simon Hanselmann’s Truth Zone which ran on Comics Workbook from 2012 to 2014. The joke is that there was never a print version to bootleg. So this limited edition of 500 is the real deal. 90 plus pages of TZ by the one and only Simon Hanselmann – who authorized this edition. All color. These are arguably some of the funniest comics of the last few years. A must have for the Simon Handelmann fan. Exclusively available from Comics Workbook. $60 postpaid in the States – $80 in Canada postpaid – $100 postpaid everywhere else.



thee Santoro School Handbook by Kurt Ankeny

Thee Santoro School Handbook for Making Better Comics by Frank Santoro and Kurt Ankeny. Printed offset on cardstock by the professionals at The Prolific Group, Winnipeg, Canada. This is not some cheap color xerox or risograph. Looks great, feels great, and even smells great. Get yours today!

This 16 page handbook is a quick guide to the tenets of our school. A smash hit on the Comics Workbook tumblr.  $35 postpaid worldwide.
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Below a preview to whet your appetite:

$35 postpaid worldwide.
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