“Best of Frank Santoro” PDF Collections

 I’ve been writing about comics and posting comics online for many years, but sometimes I worry my online archive isn’t accessible or well maintained. I don’t want the Cold Heat blog, which I’ve maintained since 2008, to disappear if Blogspot is deleted tomorrow! I decided to produce a more polished, archival version of the online work I’ve made over the years. I think this is an important part of my artistic output and so I’m excited to reintroduce it to my fans.

I made 4 PDF collections – the Layout/Color Workbooks, Best of Frank’s ComicsComics, Best of the Cold Heat Blog, and Best of Travelogues. Each PDF is carefully curated with my favorite posts and includes a new intro by me. Read the full description of each below. You get thousands of pages of material that I’ve left scattered all over the digital landscape.

Each collection is $11 – or get all 4 for $40.

I will send the PDF collections to you via WeTransfer after I receive your order. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR AN EMAIL FROM WeTransfer THAT INCLUDES A DOWNLOAD LINK – THE LINK WILL EXPIRE AFTER A WEEK. If the link does expire, please email me and I will send it again.

Layout and Color Workbooks PDF

All of my key writings on comic book layouts and color theories. This is “my book” on comics theory collected here for the first time. Hundreds of pages of material. Plus “Notes on Scroll Comics”. From the introduction: “I may not have the distance on the material collected here because I still use it everyday in my teaching. And in my own process.”


Best of ComicsComics PDF

This is the best of my writings from the ComicsComics blog, 2007-2011. From the introduction: “People who didn’t like Cold Heat (my PictureBox comic with Ben Jones) would often like my writing about comics and then through those “common ground” conversations I could often win that person over to at least look at my work in a different way.”



Best of Travelogues PDF

From the introduction: “I moved from NYC back to Pittsburgh in 2007, and then to New Mexico in 2010, and in between I kept going to NYC for the summer and blogged about it all in my way. Lots of operatic pathos and willful suffering for one’s art. A parade of mishaps and mistaken identity, city to city, year to year. I drove 24,000 miles in 2012.”



Best of the Cold Heat Blog PDF

This is the “Best of” my Cold Heat blog. This is the good stuff. From Andrew White’s introduction: “The material on this blog captures Frank at an interesting point in his career. He had done some teaching work, but was not yet well known as an educator. As the blog moves forward in time, you’ll see that begin to change.”



Get all 4 PDF collections – $40


Zona #01 January 2016


Zona 01 – January 2016

Frank Santoro

Harry Moyer

Gabriella Tito

Jack Brougham

44 pages of comics – 60 pages total – black and white

with color silkscreen covers by Frank Santoro – Edition of 100 – signed and numbered on the covers by FS


Zona 01 – twenty bux postaid in the States


Zona 01 – forty three bux postpaid outside of the States (sorry – its over 20 bux no matter where it goes outside of US so 43 seems fair)





inside cover is silkscreened also – Harry Moyer’s work above


Gabriella Tito above


Jack Brougham above


Frank Santoro above


back cover above





Over and out – thanks

Frank Santoro


Blast Furnace Funnies – Frank Santoro


Blast Furnace Funnies by yours truly Frank Santoro – made for the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Carnegie Museum, 2011

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Storeyville – Frank Santoro


Storeyville by yours truly Frank Santoro – introduction by Chris Ware

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Connor W Commissions

Connor Willumsen, Comics Workbook’s starting centerfielder has generously donated his time. That’s right buy Connor’s time to help the Rowhouse Residency. Connor will draw whatever you want within reason. He likes to draw his own version of Kirby characters or Moebius characters or Daredevil or Batman. If you don’t know this is a tradition in Comics. At conventions artists often offer to do “con sketches”. Like you get your favorite artist to do their version of a famous or not-so-famous character. So you can ask for something weird but it’s more fun if you keep it in the strike zone, capiche? Commission price list is below. Thanks! Email me with questions santoroschoolATgmail. Drawings are 9 x 12 inches and are stunning in person. You gotta have one! Buy yourself that X-mas present for yourself in July!


Single Character black and white – 100bux (above)
with COLOR – 200bux (see Ronin drawing for color – same thing – just single character with color)
Connor is also offering “Character Scene” con sketches in black and white – like this example above for 200 bux  (the above drawing is not for sale – it’s an example, silly)

a finally a commissioned drawing with COLOR is 400bux (like below example) (Ronin riff)



Email me with questions santoroschoolATgmailDOTcom