Connor W Commissions

Connor Willumsen, Comics Workbook’s starting centerfielder has generously donated his time. That’s right buy Connor’s time to help the Rowhouse Residency. Connor will draw whatever you want within reason. He likes to draw his own version of Kirby characters or Moebius characters or Daredevil or Batman. If you don’t know this is a tradition in Comics. At conventions artists often offer to do “con sketches”. Like you get your favorite artist to do their version of a famous or not-so-famous character. So you can ask for something weird but it’s more fun if you keep it in the strike zone, capiche? Commission price list is below. Thanks! Email me with questions santoroschoolATgmail. Drawings are 9 x 12 inches and are stunning in person. You gotta have one! Buy yourself that X-mas present for yourself in July!


Single Character black and white – 100bux (above)
with COLOR – 200bux (see Ronin drawing for color – same thing – just single character with color)
Connor is also offering “Character Scene” con sketches in black and white – like this example above for 200 bux  (the above drawing is not for sale – it’s an example, silly)

a finally a commissioned drawing with COLOR is 400bux (like below example) (Ronin riff)



Email me with questions santoroschoolATgmailDOTcom

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