Wacky Packs

I took the crappy 5 dollar sets out from my boxes and made crappy drawings and now they’re 12.99 with free shipping in the States. The sets are specific to the character or team or title. Like for the ‘Nam set there are a bunch of ‘Nam plus other Vietnam genre comics. The Soviet Super Soldier pack has a bunch of weird annuals of one off Marvel titles. Generally there are 9 to 12 comics per pack. So it works out to a dollar a comic basically. Great stocking stuffer comics.

Instead of making 10 different posts I just made one – if you buy one please add a “note to seller” to specify which pack you want, plus your 2nd and 3rd choices in case the one you want has already sold. If you don’t get the one you wanted I can refund your money. If this is confusing email me at santoroschoolATgmail or DM me on Instagram – @santoro.frank – and I can walk you through it.

Daredevil, Web of Spiderman, and Xman wacky packs have sold (I will try to keep this list updated.)

$12.99 – States only – free shipping


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