Rick Mays Original Art Auction

Rick Mays original art auction. If you are interested in the original art comic book pages on offer by Rick Mays, please email me a bid or bids. The videos are labeled 1-5. Minimum bids are beneath each vid. If you want hi-res scans of the page before committing to a purchase, please email me. I’m auctioning these pages off for my friend and mentor, Rick Mays. All proceeds go to Mr. Mays.

Please consider bidding on a page of Rick’s. We are working on making some sort of publication for Rick. However until then this is what he has for sale. Thanks so much for looking.

This “auction” will run indefinitely – we are entertaining legit bids.

Please email bids to santoroschoolATgmail You may bid on all the lots – identify by video number (1,2,3,4,5). Thanks.

This is a blind auction – you don’t know other people’s bids. Thanks.

Check out Rick Mays’ comics – just google him – and please watch all the vids in order.





ABOVE: Rick Mays four page sequence from “Tests” from Spider-Man Ultimate Vol 3 #2 http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Spider-Man_Unlimited_Vol_3_2

Minimum bid per page is 100

Minimum bid for set of all four is 300




ABOVE: Rick Mays page from Spidey Loves MJ #13


minimum bid 200




ABOVE: Rick Mays page from Spidey Loves MJ #13

minimum bid 200




ABOVE: Rick Mays page from Spidey Loves MJ #13

minimum bid 200 (each page)




ABOVE: Rick Mays page from Spidey Loves MJ #13

minimum bid 200




ABOVE: Bill Boichel (Copacetic Comics owner) made 12 comics in 1985. Read about them and Bill other’s edited and authored comics HERE http://www.tcj.com/bill-boichels-bem-publications-85-98/

The above books are not for sale – made this one for context. thanks FS

The Art of Vanesa R. Del Rey

thee great Vanesa R. Del Rey has generously agreed to let Comics Workbook publish selections from her sketchbooks. We designed it to look like a 1980’s comic book artist’s art book. The text is a transcription of an interview she did at The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency in 2016. Vanesa is a once in a lifetime talent who studied with George Pratt and who has worked with Grant Morrison. Follow her on Instagram – @vrdelrey – and http://vrdelrey.com/

$16.99 plus shipping (worldwide)



(The Vanesa R. Del Rey Promo video was made by by Michael Pisano, Di-ay Battad and Juan Fernandez – Soundtrack // Victoria’s Other Secret // Galapagoose)

thee Santoro School Handbook by Kurt Ankeny

Thee Santoro School Handbook for Making Better Comics by Frank Santoro and Kurt Ankeny. Printed offset on cardstock by the professionals at The Prolific Group, Winnipeg, Canada. This is not some cheap color xerox or risograph. Looks great, feels great, and even smells great. Get yours today!

This 16 page handbook is a quick guide to the tenets of our school. A smash hit on the Comics Workbook tumblr.  $35 postpaid worldwide.
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Below a preview to whet your appetite:

$35 postpaid worldwide.
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Wacky Packs

I took the crappy 5 dollar sets out from my boxes and made crappy drawings and now they’re 12.99 with free shipping in the States. The sets are specific to the character or team or title. Like for the ‘Nam set there are a bunch of ‘Nam plus other Vietnam genre comics. The Soviet Super Soldier pack has a bunch of weird annuals of one off Marvel titles. Generally there are 9 to 12 comics per pack. So it works out to a dollar a comic basically. Great stocking stuffer comics.

Instead of making 10 different posts I just made one – if you buy one please add a “note to seller” to specify which pack you want, plus your 2nd and 3rd choices in case the one you want has already sold. If you don’t get the one you wanted I can refund your money. If this is confusing email me at santoroschoolATgmail or DM me on Instagram – @santoro.frank – and I can walk you through it.

Daredevil, Web of Spiderman, and Xman wacky packs have sold (I will try to keep this list updated.)

$12.99 – States only – free shipping


Connor Willumsen’s “Swinespritzen” and “Portraits”

Portraits by Connor Willumsen. Magazine sized, 16-pages, beautifully printed by WestCan. Edition of 500.

$20.00 postpaid in the States – $33.00 postpaid everywhere else


Swinespritzen – a rare Connor Willumsen book recreated by Frank Santoro and Connor – edition of 250.

$20 postpaid in the States – $33 postpaid everywhere else

SOLD OUT (we will print more soon!)


Portraits by Connor Willumsen


Connor spread

Portraits by Connor Willumsen. This magazine sized 16-page beautifully printed booklet (by WestCan – who also printed thee Santoro School Handbook) of portraits by the great Connor Willumsen is now available! Edition of 500.

$20.00 postpaid in the States – $33.00 postpaid everywhere else

Proceeds of this book will help send Connor to the UK for The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in October!


Pompeii Medallion


I commissioned thee great Airi Maeno to make silver medallions based off of my drawings. This drawing was from my book Pompeii. It’s something I could imagine someone would wear two thousand years ago. A simple medallion of a loved one. A portrait. Something permanent to challenge disappearance.

Airi Maeno is one of my oldest friends and an amazing artist. She studied with her Father, a master jeweler. Airi transferred my drawing and made a mold in an ancient tradition and cast the medallion in silver. These are the tests. The artist proofs. We made an edition of ten. We are selling six of them. 99 bux postpaid in the States and 123 bux postpaid overseas. Please DM me (@santoro.frank on IG) or email me santoroschool@gmail.com and I will happily send more pics. Thank you Airi (@airimaeno on IG). This is one of my favorite collaborations ever xoxoFS

Zona #03 May 2016


Zona #03 – May 2016


40 pages of comics – stories by Kurt Ankeny, Jacqueline Huskisson, Paddy Lynch, and Tyler Landry – 60 pages total

Color silkscreen covers by Frank Santoro, with additional unique hand drawings by FS – edition of 100 – signed and numbered by FS

$20.00 postpaid in the States

$43.00 postpaid outside of the States


Zona #03 – Back
Kurt Ankeny – Gulls
Paddy Lynch – Caught in the Light
Jacqueline Huskisson – Alabaster Trees
Tyler Landry – Guilt Came Along


Zona #03 – GET ONE TODAY!