Fantastic Four # 52 – the Black Panther!

I’m auctioning a Fantastic Four number 52, the first appearance of the Black Panther in VF condition. This comic was donated for auction by my buddy Todd Wetzel. (Auction details and more pictures are at the bottom of this post.)

Todd and I went to kindergarten together all the way through high school. And we were like the only two kids serious enough to collect comics the whole time. We discovered Bill Boichel’s first comic book store, BEM, together along with our buddy Mark and would go every new comics day back in middle school onwards through high school and beyond.

Todd, the city kid, now has a small independent farm outside of Pittsburgh. He offers weekly farmshare boxes. Meaning every week during the summer his customers, like me, pick up a fresh box of veggies and eggs at Todd’s Mom’s porch here in the neighborhood. It’s amazing. It was life changing when I started doing it years ago. Fresh veggies and eggs every week from a local, family owned, all natural real deal farm? Truly a miracle. Todd and his wife Sarah work so hard to make it all WORK and I feel like I eat healthier and am happier because I get to participate.

When I started the Rowhouse Residency I would often make dinner one of the nights when student was here for their residency. And almost every time, the student would be exclaim “I’ve never eaten vegetables that tasted like this”. Or “I’ve never had real eggs before”. Seriously. It was an eye opener. So, part of what we do at the Rowhouse is to try and rewire how to take care of yourself so you can make creative work WORK. And a lot of that is diet and really what you eat and almost most importantly where you buy that food from. I am extremely lucky to have Todd and Sarah’s farmshare to participate in. And now, through the Rowhouse, I can share that with more people. Audra Stang is the resident up at the Rowhouse these days, and Sally Ingraham is the Innkeeper up there, and Caleb Orecchio is around the corner. Plus we have a full slate of new residents coming. Last year, Audra and Sally and the other residents would share with me out of my weekly farmbox, but this year I would like to get the Rowhouse their own farmbox.

So Todd has donated his copy of Fantastic Four number 52 which Todd bought at BEM back in the day so that we can come up with the money to get the Rowhouse their own  farmbox.

We are going to do a blind auction. Meaning you place a bid not knowing anyone else’s bid. Minimum bid is $211. Starts today Saturday February 24 and ends next Saturday March 3rd at midnight EST. DM me on Instagrom @frankscosmiccorner or @santoro.frank or email me

The idea is that you are buying a BEM copy from Bill, through Todd and me and supporting a good cause. Time is money and comics and growing vegetables takes a lot of time. And love and patience. So won’t you please place a bid?

Yours in awe at life’s eternal mystery, Frankius


“Best of Frank Santoro” PDF Collections

 I’ve been writing about comics and posting comics online for many years, but sometimes I worry my online archive isn’t accessible or well maintained. I don’t want the Cold Heat blog, which I’ve maintained since 2008, to disappear if Blogspot is deleted tomorrow! I decided to produce a more polished, archival version of the online work I’ve made over the years. I think this is an important part of my artistic output and so I’m excited to reintroduce it to my fans.

I made 4 PDF collections – the Layout/Color Workbooks, Best of Frank’s ComicsComics, Best of the Cold Heat Blog, and Best of Travelogues. Each PDF is carefully curated with my favorite posts and includes a new intro by me. Read the full description of each below. You get thousands of pages of material that I’ve left scattered all over the digital landscape.

Each collection is $11 – or get all 4 for $40.

I will send the PDF collections to you via WeTransfer after I receive your order. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR AN EMAIL FROM WeTransfer THAT INCLUDES A DOWNLOAD LINK – THE LINK WILL EXPIRE AFTER A WEEK. If the link does expire, please email me and I will send it again.

Layout and Color Workbooks PDF

All of my key writings on comic book layouts and color theories. This is “my book” on comics theory collected here for the first time. Hundreds of pages of material. Plus “Notes on Scroll Comics”. From the introduction: “I may not have the distance on the material collected here because I still use it everyday in my teaching. And in my own process.”


Best of ComicsComics PDF

This is the best of my writings from the ComicsComics blog, 2007-2011. From the introduction: “People who didn’t like Cold Heat (my PictureBox comic with Ben Jones) would often like my writing about comics and then through those “common ground” conversations I could often win that person over to at least look at my work in a different way.”



Best of Travelogues PDF

From the introduction: “I moved from NYC back to Pittsburgh in 2007, and then to New Mexico in 2010, and in between I kept going to NYC for the summer and blogged about it all in my way. Lots of operatic pathos and willful suffering for one’s art. A parade of mishaps and mistaken identity, city to city, year to year. I drove 24,000 miles in 2012.”



Best of the Cold Heat Blog PDF

This is the “Best of” my Cold Heat blog. This is the good stuff. From Andrew White’s introduction: “The material on this blog captures Frank at an interesting point in his career. He had done some teaching work, but was not yet well known as an educator. As the blog moves forward in time, you’ll see that begin to change.”



Get all 4 PDF collections – $40


the Complete Truth Zone by Simon Hanselmann

Screen shot 2016-01-18 at 11.03.16 PM


This is a numbered limited edition “bootleg” of Simon Hanselmann’s Truth Zone which ran on Comics Workbook from 2012 to 2014. The joke is that there was never a print version to bootleg. So this limited edition of 500 is the real deal. 90 plus pages of TZ by the one and only Simon Hanselmann – who authorized this edition. All color. These are arguably some of the funniest comics of the last few years. A must have for the Simon Handelmann fan. Exclusively available from Comics Workbook. $60 postpaid in the States – $80 in Canada postpaid – $100 postpaid everywhere else.



thee Santoro School Handbook by Kurt Ankeny

Thee Santoro School Handbook for Making Better Comics by Frank Santoro and Kurt Ankeny. Printed offset on cardstock by the professionals at The Prolific Group, Winnipeg, Canada. This is not some cheap color xerox or risograph. Looks great, feels great, and even smells great. Get yours today!

This 16 page handbook is a quick guide to the tenets of our school. A smash hit on the Comics Workbook tumblr.  $35 postpaid worldwide.
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Below a preview to whet your appetite:

$35 postpaid worldwide.
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Suzy & Cecil

From Comics Workbook students Gabriella Tito and Sally Ingraham comes the first Suzy & Cecil collection!

Pulling from the comic strip that has been shared daily on Instagram and in the Comics Workbook Daily News since November 2016, it features 44 strips picked out of hundreds made so far by the creators.

48 pages, full color, 7 1/8 x 5 1/2.

$10 with free shipping in the States. $15 with free shipping outside of the States.


Swinespritzen – Connor Willumsen


Now presenting this unique opportunity to get Swinespritzen – a rare Connor Willumsen book.

Connor and Frank Santoro reprinted this classic wacky pack originally produced for Breakdown Press in 2014. We have recreated the original item right down to the envelopes, paper, and glue-job that Connor manifested one late night at Kinkos. He made 20 or 30 copies that night – this is an edition of 250.

$20 postpaid in the States – $33 postpaid everywhere else

Portraits by Connor Willumsen


Connor spread

Portraits by Connor Willumsen. This magazine sized 16-page beautifully printed booklet (by WestCan – who also printed thee Santoro School Handbook) of portraits by the great Connor Willumsen is now available! Edition of 500.

$20.00 postpaid in the States – $33.00 postpaid everywhere else

Proceeds of this book will help send Connor to the UK for The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival in October!


The Art of Vanesa R. Del Rey

thee great Vanesa R. Del Rey has generously agreed to let Comics Workbook publish selections from her sketchbooks. We designed it to look like a 1980’s comic book artist’s art book. The text is a transcription of an interview she did at The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency in 2016. Vanesa is a once in a lifetime talent who studied with George Pratt and who has worked with Grant Morrison. Follow her on Instagram – @vrdelrey – and

$16.99 plus shipping (worldwide)



(The Vanesa R. Del Rey Promo video was made by by Michael Pisano, Di-ay Battad and Juan Fernandez – Soundtrack // Victoria’s Other Secret // Galapagoose)